Posted: 12.03.12/14:42

Tamar Levine: 11:11 PROJECT

For the past two years, Tamar Levine has taken a photo via Instagram every single day at 11:11 AM. On 11.11.12, the project came to an end. Check out the cumulation of the past two years in 730 images here

In a recent article on Serial Optimist, Tamar had this to say about the project: I began the Instagram project on a random day. It was probably the second week in a row of looking at the clock at 11:11am. Although I had been taking photos at 11:11am for the previous few days (since 11.11.10), I hadn’t posted any to Instagram or “officially” started the project until 11.16.10. I was on set at a photo shoot so it was the perfect time to start. The idea initially came to me around the time I started using Instagram, which was fairly new. I’m not big on posting casual or personal photos to Facebook or Twitter, yet I was really compelled by Instagram, which seemed to focus entirely on capturing small moments in a very specific, phone-centric way. The best camera is the one you have with you, and Instagram felt like the perfect avenue for a project that by its nature required me to make use of the camera I always have with me – my phone. It’s been great to embrace the platform for what it is, fitting the goals of a project with a specific medium.

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