Posted: 03.09.15/16:18

Skip Dolphin Hursh: Second Time’s the Charm

March is ADC Young Guns Month here on the ADC Blog! As we head towards the deadline for Young Guns 13 entries, we will be featuring the works and thoughts of Young Guns 12, the latest class to join the exclusive club of young creative professionals. We will also be sharing the thoughts of the judges who voted them in. This way, you’ll have some idea of what it takes to become a Young Gun — and the answers just might surprise you.

“… I remember that it kept coming up that so many of my favorite designers and illustrators had been a part of Young Guns…”

 Not every Young Guns winner makes it in on his or her first try. Skip Dolphin Hursh, our first Young Gun of the week. is an animator and designer who made the cut on his second attempt ± blowing away the judges with his playful yet polished body of work.

Check out Skip’s entire interview on the ADC Blog.