Posted: 08.26.14/11:48

Shane Griffin: Tyrant

Shane Griffin and Method Design NY recently created a promo toolkit for FX Network’s new original drama TYRANT. ​

Taking queues from middle eastern architecture, they designed a colossal labyrinth, emphasizing themes of power and dominance throughout the show.

TYRANT from Method Design on Vimeo.

Credits: Method Design NY

Design & Direction : Shane Griffin & Jon Noorlander

Producer : Charlotte Raffi

3D : Yuri Serizawa, Jaemin Lee, Sari Rodrig, Shane Griffin, Jon Noorlander.

Compositing : Sharon Marcussen, Shane Griffin, Jon Noorlander.

2D Design : Johnny Likens, Steve Lee.

FX Network :

President Of Marketing : Stephanie Gibbons

SVP, Broadcast Design : Steve Viola

Producer : Dara Barton

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