Posted: 10.17.13/9:03

Scott Telpin: Greasy Sinkers

This Saturday come out for the ‘brunch’ opening of Scott Telpin’s show, Greasy Sinkers, at Ryan/Lee Gallery.

Influenced by his father, a doctor, Teplin creates anatomical drawings that employ a comic book/pop sensibility. The conflation of scientific subject matter with a somewhat irreverent style results in brightly colored, sometimes abject works that both seduce and repulse. The sculptural work, “Greasy Sinker,” depicting a selection of miniature donuts will be installed in the middle of the room. The title comes from Hanson Crockett Gregory, a 17th-century American sea captain who invented the pastry. By taking as his subject a banal commodity such as food, Teplin proposes a re-examinination of everyday objects, drawing the viewer’s attention to the anthropomorphic, orifice-like quality of the doughnut. 

Date: Saturday, October 19 // Time: 11:00am - 1:00pm // Location: Ryan/Lee Gallery, 527 WEST 26TH STREET, NY 10001


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