Posted: 08.13.13/10:11

Sara Cwynar: Washed Out Cover

​YG9 Sara Cwynar designed the cover art for Paracosm, the new album by Washed Out

Ernest (the man behind Washed Out) really wanted the art to look natural and low-fi. He wrote all the songs in a house in in the country outside Athens, Georgia looking out into a lush natural setting and wanted the art to reflect the surreal, natural landscape where the songs were made, and also the warmer, analog instruments he used for this record as opposed to the digital feel of the last one. 

I worked with found images of flowers from the New York Public Library and manipulated the images in photoshop and with some hand drawing to push the illustrations to look more surreal than the found pictures, then I layered them into the pattern to create the cover.”

The type was added by designers at Sub Pop Records. 

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