Posted: 04.11.14/10:46

Sara Cwynar: Flat Death in NYC

Sara Cwynar’s first solo exhibition Flat Death is open now through May 3 at Foxy Production in New York City. “Cwynar is interested in dated commercial images; in the failure, with time, of their visual trickery; in the waning of their seductive powers. Her works highlight how the once familiar becomes foreign; how the fetisihized object can lose its luster; how glamour can fade.”

“Flat Death combines sculptural constructions that are photographed, printed, tiled, and re-photographed, together with images from darkroom manuals that are decomposed using a scanner. Cwynar’s process is circular; she starts and finishes with a photograph, after a journey of intervention and manipulation that ultimately disrupts the smooth surface and the perspective of the stock image.”

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