Posted: 09.30.14/10:59

Rich Tu: ADULT Magazine

​Rich Tu recently worked on a shoot for ADULT MAGAZINE. Don’t worry - the images are safe for work. 

He collaborated with photographer Ahmed Klink to shoot the German cult film idol Udo Kier (star of films like Blade, My Own Private Idaho, Iron Sky, and Nymphomaniac: Vol II) for a profile in ADULT. It was shot on location in Palm Springs, CA. 

From Rich: Udo is fascinating on so many levels. He has stories for days, and has worked on so many projects it boggles the mind. He gave us an insider look at his world, and we were pleased to say that we went there trying to capture something, only to find something completely different and utterly amazing.

Photographer: Ahmed Klink

Art Direction (photographic): Rich Tu

Camera + Special Thanks: Kris Merc

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