Posted: 07.01.14/10:27

Pete Rossi: Graphis Gold

Congrats to Pete Rossi of RM&CO on nabbing a Graphis Gold for the ADC DODOcase.

From Pete: A custom-made DODOcase, to commemorate the launch of the ADC annual app. We worked with DODOcase to design a handcrafted iPad case inspired by the classic Art Directors Annuals from the 1920’s. We wanted to create a timeless design coupled with that historic and handcrafted element. A classic yet contemporary case that celebrates and pays homage to the 92-year history of the ADC. The design features elements of the old, fused with the new. One of these classic elements is the medallion embossed on the back of the case, which was resurrected from a coin designed by sculptor Paul Manship in 1920 to honor the best creative work in the world. 

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