Posted: 03.27.14/16:03

Mitch Paone + Entrepreneur Magazine: Best Logos of 2013

We are thrilled to announce that Mitch Paone’s DIA logo for Speak Up Africa was selected as one of the world’s best logos in 2013, according to Entrepreneur Magazine

From Amy Cosper, Editor in Chief at Entrepreneur Magazine: “Why does branding matter? Branding is your story. It is how the world will perceive you. Good branding can put more money in your pocket than operational excellence can; bad branding can be fatal. A great brand commands higher prices and higher margins. It can make you a hero. It is the delicate touchpoint between you and the rest of the world. When customers respond emotionally and loyalty to your company, you have built a strong brand, with authenticity, a meaningful presence and an effective voice.”

From Hamish Campbell’s article about the logo’s win: “Nonprofits often lack the funding to invest in design, but this logo for Speak Up Africa, a communications and advocacy for children’s health, has received enormous support as a result of its clear and powerful logo, The identity - sound waves in the shape of the African continent-translates directly to the brand’s mission.”

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