Posted: 05.21.14/11:30

Michael Freimuth + Franklyn: Betaworks

Michael Freimuth and Franklyn have redesigned the brand identity for Betaworks.  

Betaworks decided it was time to refresh their brand, and they were drawn to Franklyn’s reinterpretation of Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine that inspired the first Betaworks logo in 2008: “The route we immediately liked was a typeface — a font — constructed of elements from Babbage’s engine. We felt this had the perfect balance of feeling modern but grounded in the past, the past of moving parts and building things”.

The work was also covered in Fast Company: “In parsing this complex design, both Borthwick and Cooper realized that they liked the ineffable visual quality of it. The logo seemed to be built from a puzzle-like stack of shapes, with each shape being derived from a new custom typeface that Franklyn had developed for an accompanying wordmark… The philosophy behind this logo—one of embracing a complex design over a simple one—could apply to the rapidly evolving, increasingly multidisciplinary brands beyond Betaworks.”

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