Posted: 05.09.14/10:02

Menno Kluin + Juan Carlos Pagan: Water Is Life “Drinkable Book”

​Menno Kluin and Juan Carlos Pagan have worked with DDB New York and Water Is Life to create the Drinkable Book: a volume filled with educational information about water sanitation and hygiene in at-risk areas, printed on pages that also serve as a water filtration system.

From AdWeek: “The pages are coated with microscopic particles of silver. When water passes through, more than 99 percent of harmful bacteria—like cholera, E. coli and typhoid—are destroyed, and the resulting liquid is safe to drink. Theresa Dankovich, a chemist, invented the paper. The text, printed in food-quality ink, provides basic safety information, such as reminders to keep trash and feces away from water supplies. The filter paper costs pennies to produce, and a single book can provide a person with drinkable water for up to four years.”

The Drinkable Book was also covered in Design Boom.

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