Posted: 05.27.14/10:08

Lindsay Ballant: Foreign Policy

Since ​Lindsay Ballant joined Foreign Policy, her portfolio has grown quickly with work featuring YG collaborations. Lindsay serves as FP’s creative director, overseeing print, digital, and branding in Washington, D.C.

Last November, Lindsay collaborated with Sean Freeman (YG9) on the Global Thinkers issue, released in December 2013. It was Lindsay’s first issue at FP with a redesign, and was also the largest issue FP has ever published, including the annual Global Thinkers list celebrating the most engaging individuals from around the world. The issue also featured a collaboration with Oliver Munday (YG7) on an illustration for a piece in the main Global Thinkers package, and an illustration by Ben Wiseman accompanying a featured piece about John Kerry.

Most recently, Lindsay collaborated with Jonathan Bartlett (YG9) on the cover of the May/June issue of Foreign Policy: “The War Issue”. Jonathan designed the cover and also illustrated the main feature in the issue: “Regionally Aligned Forces”.

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