Posted: 06.19.13/11:12

Jury Q&A • Vol. 8

The ​ADC Young 11 Call for Entries LATE DEADLINE closes on June 23. For some last minute insights into what the jurors will be looking for, check out the Q&A below.


How did becoming a Young Gun change your life/career? More opportunities and a credibility that comes from being associated with so many talented people. I also name drop a lot more and bought a gold chain. 

When you entered Young Guns what do you think made you stand out? What did you enter? I think being right on the cusp of 30 sprinkled a touch of desperation onto my work. I had entered and lost the year before and could feel age and opportunity beginning to slip away. So, it was with the fear of becoming an ‘old hack’ I threw up a hail mary with everything I had. Then, I duct taped my fingers into a permanently crossed position and buried my head until the competition was over. 

Complete this sentence: Young Guns entrants would be more successful if they didn’t….tense up. Show the best of what you’ve got and don’t be scared to strut a bit.

What will you be looking for as a juror? I’ll be looking for a full body of work. Not just a particular style or aesthetic, but a dedication to smart, provocative design / creative solutions.

Define a winning Young Gun entry in three words. What? Oh! Wow.


How would you compare your current work to the work you submitted when you became a Young Gun? My previous work was largely an attempt to master the photo essay, to create a series of cohesive images that commented on a particular place or people at a particular time. That work was about making external observations, while the current work is about sharing my experience. For example, with Libya the images are based in documentary, are cohesive and interpretive, but they are just part of a larger body of work that includes video and journals. It is about documenting an experience and the story of that experience, and the images help set the stage for the story, which goes well beyond the revolutionary still imagery and becomes about sharing the details of a personal journey during a revolution.

Complete this sentence: Young Guns entrants would be more successful if they didn’t….submit work they were hesitant about. When editing, if you are hesitating it means you are not committed. I want to see work you are committed to, work that defines you.

Define a winning Young Gun entry in three words: Original. Cohesive. Challenging.


How did becoming a Young Gun ‘LEVEL UP’ your life/career? Becoming a Young Gun gave me a lot more exposure to new projects beyond what I was doing before, and a lot more projects where people knew my sensibility and were hiring me to do that, which is awesome! I think it is a big part of why I’m able to just work for myself now.

What will you be looking for as a juror? A distinct sensibility that comes through in all work, whether applied or personal, and a good combination of both types of work. It’s great to see when a personality and style comes through even when the project didn’t allow for too much freedom. It’s great to see what someone would do if they could do anything, how far they would push it in a completely open project. Both poles of working are important to a good entry and a good body of work.

How do you define a Young Gun? What separates them from everyone else? I would say that having your own ideas about what’s good, a unique sensibility and way of thinking, and the guts to stick to those no matter what the project. 


How did becoming a Young Gun ‘LEVEL UP’ your life/career? It’s too early to draw a conclusion. Things are speeding up, though. Yee-haw!

Complete this sentence, “Young Guns entrants will be more successful if they…

... do their work as a designer (what you do is what you do).

... select their work like a curator (only what you see is what the others will get).

... chop the descriptions like a butcher (explain context. don’t mince matters).

What will you be looking for as a juror? Content awareness and dirty thoughts.

Define the reaction on a winning Young Gun entry in three words. Huh? Oh… Yeah! (astonishment, understanding, appreciation)

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