Posted: 06.18.13/11:05

Jury Q&A • Vol. 7

The ​ADC Young 11 Call for Entries LATE DEADLINE closes on June 23. For some last minute insights into what the jurors will be looking for, check out the Q&A below. 


What will you be looking for as a juror? Undeniable talent. People who’s work you have seen already before. Work that blew you away. Work that you love. Stuff you bookmarked and referenced. And then you see that they submitted it to young guns and you hate/love them even more because turns out they weren’t even 30 when they made it.

What excites you about the current creative climate? The barrier to get stuff out there is gone. If you want to share something with the world a little over a decade ago you need a nice big client that was willing to spread your work or money to submit to award shows. Nowadays if its creative, it will spread naturally. This notion is pushing me personally forward. Its a good trigger. The work better be amazing otherwise it will be ignored. 

Define a winning Young Gun entry in three words. Fresh. Unique. Talented.

If you have judged before, what mistakes did you see in the entries? Its a delicate balance. If you enter too less, it feels like you can’t hit it enough. If you enter too much but there are weaker pieces in it raises some questions. Everything has to be solid. And thankfully the best talent has that edge. Consistently delivering quality. Talent means that creativity is in you. You have no choice but to do good stuff. Stuff that excites you as an individual.


When you entered Young Guns what do you think made you stand out? I am pretty sure being a video artist set me apart from many of the other Young Guns applicants. I entered a body of work which is highly audiovisual yet nonetheless has strong graphic properties.

What will you be looking for as a juror? I will be looking for the sublime.

What excites you about the current creative climate? I love the way digital aesthetics are informing the analog world.


How did becoming a Young Gun change your life/career? It was a credibility boost.  

What will you be looking for as a juror? Something interesting and potentially significant that changes your perspective on things.

Complete this sentence: Young Guns entrants would be more successful if they…they make things easy for the user/viewer. Great work requires very little effort on the part of the viewer to appreciate.


When you entered Young Guns what do you think made you stand out? What did you enter? I entered mostly the work I had done for Texas Monthly and The New York Times Magazine. In some ways I found myself at a bit of a disadvantage by submitting work from one specific focus like editorial design. Constantly designing and art directing within a specific set of dimensions and parameters can be limiting, but it’s also what you do within those parameters that can be quite liberating or that allows you to make a mark. I think in the end, the pieces that I submitted were cohesive as a group because of the medium, but the experimentation that was present within those restrictions is what showed my potential and made the work stand out.  

What will you be looking for as a juror? A point of view. The ability to express him or herself in a unique and appropriate way whatever medium it may be. Too often there is a tendency to get caught up in aesthetics or trends and it’s about so much more than that. 

How do you define a Young Gun? What separates them from everyone else? Good work is noticed, but smart work is remembered. Young guns create work that is engaging and memorable.

What excites you about the current creative climate? The potential. Its exciting to think that we are all pushing each other to approach projects in new and unexpected ways. It’s becoming more and more possible to create any idea one might have. Technology provides the capabilities for much of that, but I also enjoy the continued exploration of traditional methods and how they can be used to take a concept to the next level. 


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