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Jury Q&A • Vol. 4

The ​ADC Young 11 Call for Entries closes on June 16. Below you’ll find a Q&A with some of the jurors for a bit of insight on what they will be looking for when reviewing entries.


How did becoming a Young Gun ‘LEVEL UP’ you life/career? Becoming a Young Gun definitely helped with getting some of my work out there. Which in turn brought me more work. It also opened up opportunities to give more lectures and conduct workshops. Which is something that I love doing.

What will you be looking for as a juror? I’ll definitely be looking for a balance between personal work and “commercial” work. I think it’s really important for a good creative to have a portfolio filled with both. I’ll also be looking for people who take chances with their work and try new things.

What excites you about the current creative climate? What most excites me about today’s current creative climate is just the sheer number of opportunities. Just speaking as a designer I love that I can find myself getting involved with everything from illustrations, to product design, to creating videos. 


Define a winning Young Gun entry in three words. Flexible, Driven and Consistent 

How did becoming a Young Gun ‘LEVEL UP’ you life/career? When you have a Young Gun in your resume, companies are eager to meet you for an interview. Not to mention it’s such a cool title.

How do you define a Young Gun? What separates them from everyone else?  They show a maturity that’s beyond their years.

Define a winning Young Gun entry in three words.  Bold, innovative and clever.


When you entered Young Guns what do you think made you stand out? What did you enter? It was the variety of work. I submitted big budget interactive installations and motion graphics, to DIY apps and short films.

Complete this sentence: Young Guns entrants would be more successful if they….didn’t submit projects that aren’t their best. Just because you can submit 10 doesn’t mean you have to.

What will you be looking for as a juror? I want to see a balance of client work as well as personal work. And if you are in a field that doesn’t really allow for personal work, I want to see that you’ve poured everything you possibly have into each project.


What will you be looking for as a juror? I’ll be looking for artists who have a unique vision and the technical and creative tools to execute that vision. Artists who bring a unique perspective to whatever field(s) they are in…artists who aren’t afraid to push creative boundaries. 

Complete this sentence: Young Gun entrants will be more successful if they….only entered work they are most proud of as opposed to work they think the jurors will be impressed by because of the caliber of the client. 

When you entered Young Guns what do you think made you stand out? What did you enter?  I entered a mix of personal and commercial work (about 50/50). I think the fact that I had this mix was important, because it showed that I have a honed-in style that expands throughout all of my work, both personal and commercial. 

What excites you about the current creative climate?  We live in a very exciting time for commercial art, and technology has a lot to do with it. With blogs, eBooks, etc we can share art faster than ever before. We can collaborate and interact with artists from across the world. We can learn about other cultures and other artistic movements with a click of a button. We have a wealth of information at our fingertips, and as emerging professional artists we should use these tools. Also as technology develops it is now easier to use certain tools to create art (cameras, software, etc). Because of this it is easier for artists to expand into different fields other than their own. If there is a vision, there is an easier way to make that come to life. Artists aren’t as stuck to their specific tools as they once were. 

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