Posted: 06.21.13/14:34

Jury Q&A • Vol. 10

The ​ADC Young 11 Call for Entries LATE DEADLINE closes this Sunday night. For some last minute insights into what the jurors will be looking for, check out the Q&A below.


How would you compare your current work to the work you submitted when you became a Young Gun?  I’m really proud of the work submitted as a young gun and still view it as some of my best. I think what has changed now is the variety, scope and scale of work I’m doing and having more opportunities to follow what really interests me. I think the more I can tap into my personal interests the happier I ultimately am. At the moment I’m focusing a lot on photography and live action. Photography for me is therapeutic and informs a lot of what I do. 

Complete this sentence: Young Guns entrants would be more successful if they didn’t….try to be or emulate a person, style or art form that really is not their own. 

What will you be looking for as a juror?  Something which hits me emotionally, then draws me in to take the time to see if the concept/idea matches the execution.   

How do you define a Young Gun? What separates them from everyone else?  A Young Gun represents a commitment very early on to quality and standards…Innovation and a promise that the level of their work is consistent and extraordinary.

How are Young Guns different today compared to a year ago? 5 years ago?  I have no idea, but I imagine it centers around technology. We have more opportunities to make everything look better faster each day with the constant onslaught of new tools coming out at lower costs.

What excites you about the current creative climate?  The filter for greatness is becoming more and more refined. There are so many people and so much competition, and the art we create is branching into so many new territories. 


When you entered Young Guns what do you think made you stand out? What did you enter?  Perhaps the variety of projects I submitted helped me stand out. From window installations to book covers, textiles and editorial work , along side self initiated projects too. The work I submitted showed that my approach and output is flexible and diverse but still retains a coherent feel through my personal visual language.

How would you compare your current work to the work you submitted when you became a Young Gun? I’ve had some really diverse projects recently, particularly in the window installation arena. Its been really challenging and a lot more responsibility than i ‘m used too, dealing solely with art direction and managing production ...  but i’ve enjoyed the collaborative process and am hoping to continue doing more projects in this field in the future.

What will you be looking for as a juror?  The perfect marriage of ideas & execution would be great. I suppose I’ll just be judging with my instinct and choosing the work that excites me. The people that have managed to convey their passion for design in their work are already one step ahead.


If you have judged before, what mistakes did you see in the entries? One thing I’ve noticed from entries submitted by advertising creatives is that there are just too many case studies. Those videos work well for the ad awards shows, but aren’t as effective for the ADC YG competition. The YG jury mostly focuses on idea, execution and craft of the work, not so much the case story of how a project came to life and what it did for the client.

Additionally, the advertising creatives who have become a part of Young Guns usually have some really cool side projects in their entries, like short films, books, music videos, digital things, etc. Non-commercial work gives a more comprehensive picture of that person’s point of view on the world and showcases their creative talent that’s unrestrained by clients and marketing briefs.

What will you be looking for as a juror? Things that make me laugh, things that make me think, things that make me say, “I wish I would’ve done that,” things that make me want to work with this person, things that have an interesting point of view on the world, things that are big, things that are small, things that are smart, things that are beautiful, things that deserve to be recognized, things that mean “Young Gun.”

Define a winning Young Gun entry in three words: Shock and awe.



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