Posted: 02.05.14/14:06

Joe Marianek + Brand New: “Been There, Dürer That”

​Joe Marianek has taken to Brand New to review the ongoing transformation of ADC under Executive Director Ignacio Oreamuno.  His piece examines the new logo and identity design by Sid Lee, and the soon-to-launch redesign of the ADC Global website headed by Michael Freimuth at Franklyn.  

“The ADC has doubled down on what it does best. The ADC seems to value the benefits that a brick and mortar location brings to members, and knows how the right programming can be a catalyst for connection, community and celebration whether your a student or a retired ad-man. They use their event space like they mean it. Moreover, the ADC understands that competitions are integral to celebrating great work, and encouraging more of it. The ADC has hit a lofty high note — that our work should be of the highest craft, and honor the history and power of our profession. By looking to the past, the refreshing new identity and website do just that.”

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