Posted: 06.23.14/9:20

Joe Johnson: Casa Cava

​Joe Johnson is leaving New York this summer for a two-month artist residency in Italy. He will be doing composition and sound design in a town considered to be one of the earliest human settlements in Italy. 

From Joe: The residency is held at Casa Cava in Matera, Italy from June 30th to August 10th.  The town is famous for its caves “The Sassi,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  This area has been inhabited since the Palaeolithic period and is one of the earliest human settlements in Italy. Matera is one of the final three cities in consideration for the European Capital of Culture in 2019.    

The focus of the residency will be to compose and sound design works that express the identity and culture of the region. I will be researching historically significant music of the area, modelling the reverb of certain landmarks of the city, including The Sassi, and capturing the overall sound design of the city. 

I will be joined by an Italian artist that will implement my music and sound design into an interactive installation.  The installation will remain with Casa Cava after completing the residency.

Additionally, I will be giving a workshop for the region that will cover the life cycle of composition and sound design projects within the commercial industry.

The residency culminates with a live performance in Casa Cava.  Local musicians will  perform my compositions and the interactive art will be available for public interplay.  

The residency was implemented by the Region of Basilicata and funded by the Youth Department of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The project is also a collaboration of the Matera 2019 committee, supporting Matera for the 2019 European Capital of Culture.

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