Posted: 03.07.14/14:18

Jessica Walsh + Timothy Goodman: This Is (love) Story

This month’s display at Chelsea pop-up Story is all about love.  Inspired by Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman’s 40 Days of Dating project, the shop is featuring original works by the duo including posters, chocolate bars, and temporary tattoos.  If you missed Jess + Tim’s live love conversation, you still have two weeks to visit the shop before the love story comes to an end on March 23rd.

From Story: “Love. We want it. We need it. We obsess about it, text about it. And when we lose it, we will do almost anything to get it back. But why? What is it about love… Answer: we wish we knew. So this STORY is as much an effort to understand love as it is a celebration of life’s most enigmatic emotion.”  Other Story-featured pieces from the 40 Days of Dating shop include works by Stefan Sagmeister, Christoph Niemann, Jessica Hische, and Damien Correll.

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