Posted: 12.02.13/11:10

Jessica Walsh + Jessica Hische: Like Knows Like

​Like Knows Like is an ongoing documentary project by photographer Marije Kuiper and filmmaker Bas Berkhout. They profile creatives and artists all over the world, and most recently released a short documentary on Jessica Walsh. Previously Like Knows Like has also profiled Jessica Hische

From Like Knows Like: We love Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Vimeo, Flickr, WordPress and a lot more. Through social media, we’ve become acquainted with unique artists we admire. Photographers, filmmakers, painters, printmakers, architects, musicians and bloggers all over the world. We’re surrounded by so many talented people and we ask ourselves all the time: ‘How does this person create such good work? What inspires and drives him? What is it that she sees? What’s he like in real life?’ We think that many of our fellow followers share the same curiosity.

The work the artists share on social media inspires us and makes us happy. But the digital world is often criticized as volatile and shallow. Sometimes, we miss the human touch. That’s why the idea was born to make documentaries about the people we admire. With our films and photos, we celebrate the bond between follower and artist. We meet our online loves offline. Through the documentary form, we gain deeper insight into the artist and satisfy our own curiosity.

The project is called ‘Like Knows Like’, ’cause we think it’s a great opportunity to showcase both the artist and our own talent. To make this project and its chosen angle of incidence a success, the documented artist writes, posts, links or embeds his involvement on his own social timeline. Like Knows Like is an independent side-project. It’s not about making money. It’s about sharing love.

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