Posted: 02.22.12/17:55

Jesse Rieser: American Photography 27 (AP 27)

The following is republished in part with permission from Jesse Rieser (YG9). Originally published on his blog, February 21, 2012.

Today I am pleased to announce that work from my editorial series, Sex Church, and my ongoing project Christmas In America: Happy Birthday, Jesus were published in the American Photography 27 annual. I was notified last year, but recently received my copy. Totally impressed. I had not seen a physical AP annual and was thrilled to see a well thought out design and high-end construction to compliment 341 pages of America’s best photography. The book is sequenced alphabetically, placing my spread after T-Bone’s. I have arrived.

The selection came by way of the discerning eyes of Jodi Peckman: Creative Director for Rolling Stone, Michele McNally: Assisting Managing Editor for The New York Times, Florian Bachleda: Creative Director for Fast Company, Craig Cohen: Executive Publisher of powerhouse Books, Chris Dougherty: Director of Photography for People, Geraldine Hessler: Design Director for Glamour, and Gail Marowitz: Creative Director for Roadrunner Records. The judges were selected by the AI-AP jury chairs Kathy Ryan of the New York Times Magazine, Fred Woodward of GQ and Director, Mark Hefflin. Thank you for the opportunity.

AP has a full slide show of all the winning images and a copy may be purchased here. Follow Jesse @JesseRieser -TP

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