Posted: 03.05.13/12:39

Jesse Rieser: Overcome Creative Block

​Photographer Jesse Rieser writes about overcoming creative block in the newly released book Breakthrough! Overcome Creative Block & Spark Your Imagination. Breakthrough! is a collection of essays by creative professionals in diverse fields who share their own stories of frustration and inspiration. Rieser’s period of creative inhibition began in 2008:

“My portfolio had become full of other people’s concepts. I felt I had become a glorified technician, executing ideas that I didn’t own. They didn’t express anything personal or reflect my most deeply held sensibilities. And worse than that, I had become accustomed to big productions, relying on many people and moving parts. I thought everything had to be complicated and “the best ever.”

This was frustrating and stifling, and I became afraid of failure. I also became afraid to trust myself, my instincts, my own ideas.

So I stripped everything away and started over: no crews, stylists, or hired talent- just me and a camera. I stopped going into the studio every day because inspiration does not strike in studios. I had to go out, be with people, try new things, be observant and a good listener. And eventually, I was inspired: people are amazing and have an infinite number of stories waiting to be told.”

Click here to read the essay in its entirety.

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