Posted: 02.27.14/10:28

James Victore: Cubicle Activism

Cubicle Activism is an initiative created by James Victore to help people become who they were truly meant to be: “the full-on-double-barreled free-to-kick-ass version of yourself”.  Signing up for the Cubicle Activism mailing list gives you access to the monthly poster and Cubicle Act of the month.

From CA: “What most people consider being ‘responsible,’ —a stable job, avoiding risk, maintaining a level of security, following the rules—isn’t being responsible at all. This watered down version of responsibility requires us to abandon our talents, our unique thoughts and beliefs, and our remarkable souls— in order to become small beige shadows of ourselves. That’s not being responsible. It’s being afraid. Afraid of your talent and opinion and your own power. The world needs what you’ve got— your point of view, your light and your shameless bravery. The world needs more YOU.”

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