Posted: 11.19.12/14:15

Ivan Cash: Snail Mail My Email

Created by YGX Ivan Cash, Snail Mail My Email is a free service where volunteers handwrite and artistically interpret strangers’ emails and send these physical letters to the intended recipients.

The worldwide collaborative art event returned for one week, starting Monday, November 12, 2012. During this week, Cash and his team of volunteers will be accepting email letter requests via the project’s website ( The emails can also include a request for tangible elements such as a doodle, a kiss, a flower petal, or a spray of perfume. Individual volunteers cover the cost of postage.

The project started in 2011, when 234 volunteers collectively sent 10,457 letters to 70 countries during its one-month duration, the content of which inspired the ‘Snail Mail My Email’ book. Cash’s new book, Snail Mail My Email: Handwritten Letters in a Digital World (on-sale now) is a bound art collection of the most creative, memorable, and heartfelt letters from the original project. The letters themselves are beautifully crafted correspondences covering a wide range of themes from love, gratitude, and hope, to remorse, existentialism, and the bizarre. With the turn of every page is an addictive and artful window into everyday lives and a reminder of the power of personal connection.

“It was a total blast, working and collaborating with all of the volunteers in 2011,” says Cash. “Many of them expressed interest in bringing back Snail Mail My Email in 2012 and the timing seemed right with the book just coming out, so here we are!”

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