Posted: 12.20.12/14:54

Hamilton Wood Type

The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type and it is being forced to move. The owners of their building have gave them 90 days to pack and vacate the building. They have little to no money to do this and no place to move to. So they’re are attempting to raise $250,000 in short order to get 30,000 sq. feet of printing history packed up and ready for a new home. To help the cause a number of designers have teamed up with Mama’s Sauce, a gourmet print and design shop. Young Guns Dana Tanamachi, Jon Contino, Jessica Hische along with Fuzzco, Justin Mezzell, Ross Moody and Aaron Draplin created Love Letters a boxed set of 7 letterpress printed coasters. Paper for the vowel themed coasters and packaging has been generously donated by Neenah Paper and French Paper Co. And if you were wondering, yes the set does include the letter Y. 

The set sells for $25 and $22 of that goes directly to The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing MuseumClick here to order

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