Posted: 01.29.13/11:09

Gabriel Shalom: The Tosso Variations

Gabriel Shalom recently premiered The Tosso Variations, a videomusical suite in five movements based on recordings of several free improvisations by Shingo Inao. Shingo plays his Tosso, a six-stringed sensor instrument of his own design. Each improvisation is performed with Shingo dressed in a different outfit. This series of pullovers are from The Story of Oswald 1848 – a collection created by fashion designer Nicole Roscher for her label Von Bardonitz.

Gabriel had this to say about his inspiration for the project, “I am acutely sensitized to the sounds around me and consequently to the sources of the vibrations which produce those sounds. Videomusic enables me to communicate the audiovisual reality which normally only exists in my imagination. Through this medium I explore and re-organize spacetime – objects, rooms, musicians, situations – to compose music.

My experiences making videomusic have always stemmed from a desire to reveal the physical impossibilities inherent in digitally sequenced electronic music. When I first encountered this sort of music I found it both fascinating and mysterious. The overwhelming impression was that the music conveyed a sense of time compression which spanned multiple dimensions; the number of tracks, the complexity of the voicings, the sheer speed of the tempo and rapidity of delivery. These were the sonic artifacts of a composition process that transcended the music of the body and embraced the music of the mind.

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