Posted: 02.27.13/11:30

Gabriel Shalom: Another Dimension

Videomusician Gabriel Shalom just released a new video entitled Another Dimension. 

Following our videos about the digital age The Future of Art (Transmediale 2011) and Timeless (STRP/MU 2012) comesAnother Dimension - a new video essay produced by KS12 commissioned by the NODE Forum for Digital Arts. 

The video essay features four artists and examines each of their unique theories of digital aesthetics: 

Dmitry Paranyushkin - venture fiction entrepreneur in the field of polysingularity.

Onyx Ashanti - musician and inventor of beatjazz and the open source beatjazz controller system  

Gabriel Shalom - videomusician and hypercubist object-oriented moving image theorist 

Protey Temen - artist and designer working with the abstract identity of workaday spectacularity

Another Dimension was produced by KS12 during our artist’s residency at the Frankfurt Kunstverein in the Deutsch Boerse Residency Program.

Directed and Edited by Gabriel Shalom. Art Direction and Production. Design by Patrizia Kommerell. Produced by KS12

‘The video will remain on exhibition for the duration of the NODE Forum for Digital Arts.It is also now available to view online:


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