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Follow Friday: YGX Edition

​There’s no way we could fit this much brilliance into 140 characters. Check out and follow these YGX’ers. 

Caleb Bennett  Deputy Art Director of The New York Times Magazine

Pablo Berger  Graphicaling designerering and artisticiting directororing.

Tim Boelaars  Designer & Illustrator based in Amsterdam. Founder of @FrameInc.

Bradonio  Music Video & Commercial Director

Ivan Cash San Francisco-based artist and designer who creates socially engaged, new media projects. 

Thibaut Duverneix  Music video, commercial and interactive director. YGX

Brady Fontenot  Photographer Extraordinaire. Based in New Orleans.

Emily Forgot  Graphic artist, purveyor of fine whimsy on the web and founder of Muse & Maker, a home for aesthetic curiosity.

Shane Griffin  YGX. Designer of many things.

Dark Igloo  Dark Igloo is a company that specializes.

Phil Jones  I’m a designer, art director, illustrator out of Minneapolis, MN. Work at Carmichael Lynch and also know as Murraymullet.

Josip Kelava  A Croatian born Art Director / Designer / Photographer

Ely Kim  Hello! I am Ely! Art Director / Dancer / Healer. I like gold, amethyst, glitter, mangos, pillows, pineapple bushes, baby animals, but not children.

Tim Lahan  Whatever Man

Romain Laurent  Photographer

Matt Luckhurst  Design Director at Collins: NY. Illustrator and Author of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. 

Ross Mantle  Taking pictures and riding bikes

La Tigre  Art Direction and Graphic Design.

Kate Moross  Director

Daniel Peterson  Senior designer at 2x4

Mikey Please  Anti-Gravitist / Animator

Julia Pott  I draw aggressively cute and I’m heavily into sugar.

Ludvig Bruneau Rossow  Bureau Bruneau is the one man show of Oslo based graphic designer, Ludvig Bruneau Rossow. Working at Bleed.

Daniel Savage  moving images. YGX

Gabriel Shalom  Audiovisual artist and composer (videomusician). Creative director of @ks12 Creative Studio. Graduate of @piepdx at @WiedenKennedy 2012.

Paul Steinmann  Cologne

Cardon Webb  Born in Albuquerque. Raised in Boise. At home in Queens.

Paul Windle  North American

MaricorMaricar  Makers of Things assorted. Animation, embroidery, design & illustration. And sometimes all at the same time

Andy Rementer

Dan Robitaille

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