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Felix Ng: Bracket Vol. 05

From self-starters to the self-taught, Bracket covers everything crafty and anything creative. Thinker/author Seth Godin, artist/writer Stanley Donwood, Behance’s founder Scott Belskyand and musician Tommy Guerrero, have all fallen into the pages of this eight-part series that surveys some of the greatest minds today.

Produced by Felix Ng at Anonymous the fifth issue titled “Hustle,” speaks to 16 studios and designers about the trials and tribulations behind what they do. Unbiased and unedited, they have publish thoughts and opinions from a variety of like-minded individuals including Munich-based sound artist Michael Fakesch — one-half of now defunct IDM duo Funkstörung, as well as Taiwan-based award-winning art director Wang Zhi Hong.

We learn the tricks and traits that keep these creative individuals cool in the face of adversity. As illustrated in the foreword by Portland-based graphic designer/writer, Clifton Burt; for one to succeed, he will need to adopt a “do whatever you’ve gotta do to make things happen” kind of attitude. He goes on to mention Singapore-based creative directors Kelley Cheng (The Press Room) and Chris Lee (Asylum), as well as Los Angeles-based craftsman Spencer Nikosey (Killspencer) and Kuala Lumpur-based designer Driv Loo (LIE), all of whom have successfully maneuvered their way through and around obstacles in their careers as designers. 

Young Guns Craig Ward and Owen Gildersleeve are also featured. 

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