Posted: 05.17.13/10:29

Eric Hu: MFA Show

YG8 Eric Hu is completing his MFA in Graphic Design at Yale University with “Show/s,” a group thesis exhibition on view now:

“Show/s exhibits the work/s of one/eighteen student/s in the 2013 Yale Graphic Design MFA program. The show/s, reconfigured not as one/many but many/one temporary exhibition/s, span/s the course of one/eleven day/s and stretch/es through one/multiple space/s in one/four gallery/galleries. Each/all show/s present/s a/many singular/collective perspective/s on the one/many connection/s between/among the work/s as it/they multiply/multiplies across platform/s and accumulate/s throughout the duration/s of the exhibition/s.​”

Join Eric and his classmates for a closing party on Saturday, May 18 at 8 pm at the Yale School of Art Green Gallery (1156 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT).

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