Posted: 07.16.14/10:52

Dark Igloo: Killscreen

Dark Igloo recently did the cover for KILLSCREEN 8, Virtual Reality, a publication known as the “McSweeney’s of video game culture”.

From Dark Igloo: Dark Igloo and Kidmograph got in touch with their inner lawnmower men to collaborate on the cover for KILLSCREEN 8: Virtual Reality.

We were briefed with creating an image that evoked the early days of VR … something that spoke to the limitless potential of what was a very new technology at the time. We were familiar with Gustavo’s work, and reached to see if he’d be down to swap sketches and render the final image. 

Once he said yes, we traded references, drawings, film clips and the like until arriving on the image of a woman looking out over a virtual wonderland, filled with robotic sharks, infinite basketball courts, race cars, sodas and sunsets.

Gustavo - a prolific gif artist - was even kind enough to render out an animated version of the logo for the issue’s digital copies. 

From Killscreen: All the strange and beautiful things about videogames can only get stranger and more beautiful when viewed through an enormous glowing headset. Kill Screen’s 8th issue tackles the topic du jour—virtual reality—by taking a timeless approach. We want to understand the era we’re heading into by looking into its past and future.