Posted: 11.26.12/12:54

Dark Igloo: Gnomeland Security

Check out the latest from YGX Dark Igloo: Gnomeland Security. A multi-episodic cartoon available at

About the show:

“Gnomeland Security is the adventures of 5 idiotic gnomes struggling to protect our nation from the animal kingdom’s foulest terrorists. From the perspective of most Americans, animal terrorism looks a lot like “natural occurrences,” which is why you’ve had no idea that this secret task force of mercenary delinquents has been keeping your ass safe ... until now!”

The cartoon is made in Brooklyn by Dark Igloo (creative shop: Bonnaroo 2012 branding; Google HQ mural),  {group theory} (production co.: Sagmeister’s The Happy Film, Moving Windmills) and Shift Editorial (animation director: David Bowie’s “Jeans and a T-shirt”;  “Come Rain or Shine” documentary on the band Genesis)

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