Posted: 12.11.12/9:00

Dark Igloo: Climate 101

Vimeo just named Dark Igloo’s video, Climate 101 to their Staff Picks. 

From Dark Igloo: 

The Climate Reality Project is bringing the facts about the climate crisis into the mainstream and engaging the public in conversation about how to solve it. Dark Igloo & m ss ng p eces collaborated with Climate Reality Project CMO Alex Bogusky and Al Gore’s team to create this spot.

“Our goal was something that felt like a video your substitute teachers would play back in science class, and a big part of conveying that vibe was making this film as hand-made and in-camera as possible: the weather patterns outside the lab’s window were rear projected, we were really rolling ping pong balls at a globe mounted in foam core for the Ozone shot, and we filmed old slides for the title cards. Erin Smith was our prop fabricator and a big part of pulling this off. 

Bill Nye was a total last minute hail mary. We were working on the edit when the producer came in the room and said Bill had reached out and was interested in narrating. Our brains exploded. His show was such a huge inspiration for the project - having him narrate was beyond what we ever could’ve hoped for and the perfect finishing touch.

Easter Egg: Dave from Dark Igloo plays the scientist.”

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