Posted: 12.20.13/9:58

Dark Igloo: Bored Game

Dark Igloo has just released their commercial for Bored Game™: “the greatest game never made” and 5th place winner on 1994’s Hottest Holiday Toy List.

The perfect holiday gift, Bored Game™ includes with The Technodrome, Hot Shots Electronic Basketball, a GoPro mounted to a slot car, Mall Madness, the TMNT Pizza Thrower, 2 Power Gloves, Toe Jam & Earl, Laser Tag, Don’t Wake Daddy and at least one thing you had in your room growing up.
The board itself was assembled from over 20 different games - most of which came from Mark’s attic in Goshen, Indiana - 100 feet of slot car track, hundreds of action figures and an excessive amount of dice. When complete, it stretched over 10 feet long.


m ss ng p eces production / Written & Directed by Dark Igloo.

Click for more, and scroll through the slideshow above to watch the full Bored Game™ video.

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