Posted: 04.16.14/10:22

Dan Cassaro + Dan Blackman: Simple Supermarket

Dan Cassaro and Dan Blackman have been working together with their classes at SVA on a collaborative project called Simple Supermarket. The project was implemented with SVA graphic design juniors, and it will be an ongoing effort given to their future classes each year as they expand into different areas of the supermarket.

“Simple Supermarket is a project that Dan Cassaro and Dan Blackman worked on with their SVA graphic design juniors. Students were asked to create stripped down simple packaging for canned foods, a clutter-buster for the humblest of food aisles. The students were given heavy restrictions for this project. Only one color and black per can and only one font family for their whole project were to be used. No illustrations or representative shapes. The idea behind all this was simple. If you limit the variables for a design it amplifies the message and in many cases elevates the brand. It can make it look cleaner, smarter, and more high-end. And, with a can of Spaghetti-Os, this is no small feat.”

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