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Creative Conversations: Ludvig Bruneau Rossow + Jessica Walsh

Starting your own studio is “the dream everyone has.” YGX Ludvig Bruneau Rossow and YG8 Jessica Walsh talk about the logistics of that dream in today’s Creative Conversation.

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Ludvig Bruneau Rossow: I understand you’ve started teaching and giving lectures. How has that been going? 

Jessica Walsh: Yes, I did. I had my first class last Wednesday, and it went very well. I am teaching about designing with type for junior and senior level students. I gave them their first assignment, which was to create a specific word. I gave each of them a different material and a different typeface to base it on. This will basically be a whole course of projects and assignments. One assignment might be to do a logo or an identity, and then another project might be a poster design. Afterwards, each class is a critique of the work. I might give some lectures or give them little homework assignments about typography, but it’s mostly a critiquing class. How about you, have you done any teaching or lecturing? 

Ludvig: Well last year, I held a talk at Westerdals, that’s the school I went to. I tried it once, and then they wanted me to come back again this year. 

Jessica: Oh, cool. So what kind of stuff are you up to working at Bleed? You had told me before that you were going to be focusing on web work there. 

Ludvig: I am getting to work on lots of different stuff. It’s actually really great. I get lots of responsibility for the tasks. I’ve done a visual identity for a theater, and I’ve had some poster campaigns. 

Jessica: Have you ever thought about starting your own studio after a few years of working there? 

Ludvig: Yeah, I think so. That’s kind of like the dream everyone has. It’s going to happen, but I don’t know when. For now, I think it’s great to just stay here, and try lots of different projects and get the experience I need. I also always try to have some personal projects on the side, just to be able to test out very random stuff that probably wouldn’t work for a client. But yes, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to start my own company. What suggestions would you give? 

Jessica: Well how big do you want your studio to be? Do you want to be just yourself, do you want to hire people, do you want to grow organically? I think it’s definitely easier if you start on your own. If you start getting your own freelance clients now while you do have a full-time job, it will make it easier to transition because then you’ll already have some clients and contacts. It’s much easier to grow organically. You’ll know when you get to the point when you just can’t handle the workload yourself. That’s when you hire one or two extra people to help you out. 

“The biggest thing with having your own studio versus working for someone else is that there’s less time for creative work.”

Ludvig: On a different subject, you’ve done lots of different projects, from editorial to campaigns to identities, pretty much almost everything. What do you think is the most fun to work on? 

Jessica: I actually don’t find one thing way more interesting than the other. What I love about being where I am now is that we have such a variety in projects. One day I could be more focused on an editorial illustration, the next day we’re working on a big ad campaign, and I’m more focused on organizing and hiring other creatives that I think would help make our idea come to life, and then the next day, I could be doing something completely different or dealing with the business side. I personally love having that dynamic where you’re never focused on just one part of the creative. I really like that, but I know some people do prefer to specialize and just be doing type all day or just be doing websites all day. What about you? 

Ludvig: I also like to do a lot of different stuff. I have mostly worked on identities, but lately, I’ve been working with more editorials, book design, that stuff. I think it’s great to do different things. I really enjoy working with books, so maybe I should try that out some more. 

Jessica: Yeah. Unfortunately, there’s not that much money in books anymore, though.  

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