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Creative Conversations: La Tigre + Always With Honor

Young Guns 11 Call for Entries opens tomorrow! Get inspired with this little interview between two Young Gun design teams, La Tigre (YGX) and Always With Honor (YG8).

This conversation first appeared in the YGX Annual, which you can purchase here.

La Tigre: So why did you decide to move from New York to Portland?

Always With Honor: We were in New York for two and a half years. We moved there after school. We’re both from small towns. We really like the outdoors and it is just kind of a hassle to get out of the city. So we had just started taking on freelance work and it had become more and more regular where we could count on getting it, so we decided to do that full time and start our studio. Right now you can live anywhere you want as long as you have internet. So it was like, lets take a risk and try Portland. We’ve always had heard really good things about it. Are you both from the same town?

LT: We grew up in towns that are really close, but we met on the train to Milano.

AWH: Oh yeah?

LT: Yes, it was romantic on the train to Milano. We discovered that we work in the two graphic studios that were associated with one another. It was like a romantic movie.

AWH: Yeah very romantic. Or at least like a funny TV commercial or something.

LT: You are a couple right?

AWH: Yeah we met in college down in Florida. We were always working together on small projects on the side. We have pretty similar styles and ideas about what the design can be. So we started working on projects together more and more and we have people kept on us asking us for work, so we kind of work from there.

LT: And then you got married?

AWH: Exactly. 

So I would like to talk a little bit about your process. We work as a team sometimes and then we will have a few projects that one of us will work on and the other one kind of get feedback. I wonder if you guys have a similar process? Or how do you go about delegating work?

LT: We fight a lot. We are lucky, that in the place where we work there are other people and sometimes the fights are less and then lighter than they would be at home. We have different skills so every time we have a project and there will be one of us who is better or more confident in it. Or maybe we sit together and think about the project and we put some ideas on the table. And after this only one of us will take on a big part of the project because it is easier this way. In the beginning we started doing everything together but it was really hard because in some ways you are different so it was better to have one person working alone.

AWH: Yeah we kind of do the same thing.

LT: Is it easy for you to go on holiday? Because for us sometimes it’s really hard because we are only two and we’re always busy. It’s easier to plan it somewhere where you can easily work on a laptop.

AWH: Well we have to take advantage of the fact that we can work from anywhere. That is one of our goals for the new year. We are going to try to take working trips. Something where we can really pick up and go work whenever the internet is. 

So are you guys really happy to be working in a Milano? Do you guys really like it there?

LT: Well, we really like Italy but because I think it is really wonderful place, but it’s not a good political situation. We have a lot of taxes and the services are not equal – so it’s not an easy place to live. But I think it is a really great place geographically. You have really different things, mountains, wonderful sea and beautiful cities. But sometimes we think there might be better places to live.

AWH: We have talked about design a little bit, but can we talk a little bit about what you guys are into. Outside of design, what do you guys really enjoy doing? What kind of keeps you going?

LT: I think the thing that we do most is go out with friends. We have been doing LaTigre for three years and we are working a lot.

AWH: We understand – it was like that for us for the first couple of years. It will definitely get better once things settle in. But it does get to the point where you basically just want to go out and not worry about stuff.

LT: We’re curious. Do you work at home or do you have a studio?

AWH: Yeah – we’ve always worked right out of our apartment or our house. Right now we are in our first house. We have a lot more room than we did our previous places. So we have a two bed room and we converted one of the bedrooms into our office/studio. It is really nice though because it’s only a ten-foot commute from our bed to our desk. We work in our pajamas. We are able to take a break during the day to go outside and just hang out in the back yard. Or take breaks and play video games. So at 3 o’clock in the afternoon when we just hit that wall and you just kind of need a break you can do it. So we really like working at home. 

LT: I would like to work in my pajamas, but here it is not possible. We have a studio now with two friends that work with us, just to share the space. It’s cool because we are with friends and it is really nice to spend the day with them and having someone to talk to.

AWH: Right, other people to talk to and hang out with. Yeah there are different perspectives. That is the one thing that we miss about the studio environment. Most of our friends work in studios like that and they try to get us to come and work with them. I don’t know if we would be as productive. We kind of have it figured out. We come in and we get what we need to get done. I like to be able to do laundry and wash dishes in between things. 



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