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Creative Conversations: Julia Pott + Mike Perry

How do you find a mentor? How do you keep 800 bottles of beer cold? Animator and illustrator Julia Pott (YGX) chats with artist/designer Mike Perry (YG6) about these questions and more in today’s Creative Conversation.

Young Guns isn’t just a competition; it’s a not-so-secret society. And your cube opens the door. Enter here.

Mike Perry: Where did you study in the UK? 

Julia Pott: I went to Kingston for illustration and Animation. Then I did my Masters at the Royal College. 

Mike: How old are you? 

Julia: 27. 

Mike: Everyone from the UK seems really amped on coming to New York for any reason so half my interns are from England. 

Julia: We do like a good trip to New York. 

Mike: You do and you don’t flinch about spending money to do it. 

Julia: I know, but how are you going to pay your rent? I don’t know I will figure it out when I get there. 

Mike: It is really impressive because your schooling doesn’t cost as much, maybe that is it. 

Julia: We practically get paid to go to school. 

Mike: And also maybe there is just more of a family acceptance. This is something that you do. Maybe a lot of US student’s parents don’t think that it’s important to go to another country and experience other cultures, which is a problem with America. 

I have been on a pretty epic search to find a mentor in my life, an old grizzled man with a big beard and a weird comb over. It is really hard to find that person. It is funny because I was just talking about this with two different people and both of them said maybe I just need to become a mentor instead of trying to find one. 

Julia: When you find that kind of person your problem is over. 

“But then it’s like picking a best friend. You don’t get to make decisions about them. You can’t  just declare someone is your best friend.”

Mike: Exactly. But do you just pick somebody? If I decide to become a mentor of someone who is, 20, 22, 23 years old, do I walk into a room and eye everybody up and then decide? I want them to pick me, but then it’s like picking a best friend. You don’t get to make decisions about them. You can’t just declare someone is your best friend. 

Julia: It has to be organic, but there is no dating forum that you can go to for a mentor. 

Mike: Exactly, I guess any relationship ends up being kind of dating for the most part. 

Julia: That is true. 

Mike: Even studio mates. I share my space with two other people and I see these guys every single day. It’s like, I hope this is going to work out. Finger crossed. Let’s see if we are going to keep this together and not going to drive each other crazy. 

Julia: I saw your KickStarter campaign I didn’t give you any money. How did that go? 

Mike: It is good, It really reinvigorated my relationship with the internet. 

Julia: Good. 

Mike: The longer I have been doing this the more disconnected I feel from my relationship with social media and stuff. I do it because I feel you are supposed to, but you know sometimes it feels like a chore and that you are spinning your wheels and nothing is happening. And then when I did that it felt really refreshing, to know that all of the work that I put in the past to kind of capture an audience, and try to gain support was actually happening. It wasn’t just futile. So it has really been exciting. 

Julia: It’s just intense. 

Mike: It is intense and it is it is all happening right now. I met with the electrician yesterday and he comes in and he says we are going to have to re wire everything in this space because there is no real actual electrical lines running through here and I guess I’m wiring a building right now. When we have the party we have to have 800 bottles of beer and that is cool but how do you keep 800 bottles of beer cold? So I guess I have to think about that now. 

Julia: It is something you never think about. 

Mike: Exactly, I mean it is really fascinating and it gives you a grasp on how things are done, just day to day things and it is crazy because this kind of stuff happens all the time but I had no idea. I’m just going to have a show, it will be fun, we will do this thing, and we’ll see what happens. It is a giant organizational nightmare. The best part is how much support I have gotten from everyone, people volunteering and I have been fortunate enough to have a really good friend who just offered to help produce everything. And she is really dedicated to the project and she is helping a lot. 

So what are you doing? What are you working on? 

Julia: I just finished a short film for Channel 4 in England. It’s a three minutes short that they screen before a feature. 

Mike: Awesome. 

Julia: I just finished. I thought I was going to have a break but now I’m on a new project which is designing the Christmas windows for Hermes in London and Paris. It is my first illustration job in awhile. 

Mike: Again, congratulations on the Young Guns award. 

Julia: I am just going to be pleased with my self for a day. 

Mike: Exactly, get your magic cube. 

Julia: I get a cube? 

Mike: I don’t know if they still do that but I have a magic cube that is clear plastic. 

Julia: They have magical powers? 

Mike: Maybe there is a secret room in the Young Guns building that if you use that cube it opens a door and then you get to enter into a secret society. But I have not yet discovered it so if you figure it out first, let me know.  

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