Posted: 04.11.13/14:01

Creative Conversations: Emily Forgot + HelloVon

​Today in Creative Conversations, graphic artist Emily Forgot (YGX) speaks with illustrator and artist Von of HelloVon (YG8) about the best part of the week and whether it’s a good idea to mix work with relationships. Spoiler alert: they’re in a relationship.

This interview is excerpted from the YGX Annual. YG11 is almost upon us - Call for Entries opens May 1.

Emily Forgot: My first question is, are you proud of me?

HelloVon: Very proud. You were a shoe in.

Emily: With your work, do you have a favorite commission to date?    

HelloVon: Most recently, it would be the work I did for the Paralympics Campaign, which just finished last night as part of the London 2012 games. 

Emily: With the sports stuff, is it something you feel like you’ve done everything you possibly can now? Or do you think there’s lots of scope? You have Nike, The World Cup, Adidas. Do you think you’ve done as much as you can do?

HelloVon: No way. There’s definitely more room for experimentation. I’ve not done anything in America at the Superbowl. There are lots of big events in America. I guess I’m happy where I am, but I always want to be in a better place. So in five years time, hopefully people are still giving me work.

Emily: You do fine art projects along side your commercial work. At the moment do you think the balance is where you want it to be?

HelloVon: I would like it to be more of a balance. I would like to explore more with the gallery work. I took the foot off the pedal for a couple of years when the commercial work got really busy. Now I am interested to get back into it. I have quite a lot of ideas about what I would like to do, I just don’t really have the time to execute those ideas. I need to create a work/life structure that allows me to do that.

Emily: In a work sense, when are you happiest?

HelloVon: Normally, I get quite excited at the beginning of the week because with our job you just don’t know what’s going to come in. It’s the sense of all the potential and the fact that you’re in control of your career.

Emily: If you didn’t paint or draw for a living, what would you be doing?

HelloVon: No idea. I used to want to be a stunt man when I was little.

Emily: I don’t think that would have worked out.

HelloVon: Yeah, it would have been a bad choice. 

Emily: We’re in a relationship and we work in the same space, I was just wondering if working along side me has had any impact on your work.

HelloVon: Definitely. There’s always someone there you can trust to give advice on what you are doing and bounce ideas off of.

Emily: What’s your favorite thing about living and working in London?

HelloVon: You kind of take it for granted, we’ve been here for so long. Just the amount of stuff that is happening on your doorstep each week. But we don’t get to go out and see as much stuff as we should. It’s just difficult to find the time.

Emily: It’s good to treat London like you’re a tourist.

HelloVon: Yeah, every now again. Pretend that you don’t live here and do the tourist thing.

Emily: Do relationships and work mix, or do they spell disaster?

HelloVon: I think they mix, in certain cases. I think we’re really lucky. Whenever I tell someone that I live and work with you, they always pull a face. But then we know people who are married and do the same and it works out really nice. It’s a nice relationship to have.

Emily: You just have to be on the same page and know when to avoid each other.

HelloVon: But you learn that pretty quickly.

Emily: One last question, if you were going to be any animal what would it be?

HelloVon: Umm…

Emily: One of those lazy animals?

HelloVon: A koala.