Posted: 03.25.14/9:18

Contino Brand Launch

​Jon Contino has finally released his long-awaited clothing line at Contino Brand. The web shop is currently stocked with outerwear, shirts, and accessories, alongside a journal from Contino featuring an inside look at his process and his work with collaborators. “The spirit of this brand lives through a desire to create, conventions be damned.”

From Contino Brand: “Over the years I’ve worked with some amazing people from tiny startups to major corporations, and yet coming together to make something truly special has always been a challenge. I aimed to change that with the start of this brand. The goal is not only to highlight the hand-made artistry of the products, but the people and processes behind each one. It may be difficult to realize in the world we live in today, but everything around us has a story. I hope to highlight some of those stories and create a collection that’s more than just ‘stuff’. This catalogue is the result of countless hours of sweat, insomnia, and dedication to a craft my collaborators and I hold very dearly in our hearts.”

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