Posted: 07.18.11/13:52

Chris Rubino: Love Kills Demons

Love Kills Demons Trailer from Jim Helton on Vimeo.

We’re really excited about this new project featuring the always interesting Chris Rubino (YG5): Love Kills Demons.

From the site: Love Kills Demons is 12 short films by Jim Helton. Much like Bertrand Russell’s definition of electricity these films are “not so much a thing as a way things happen.” They are a window into the spirit of an artist looking for change. Over the span of one year filmmaker Jim Helton documented New York-based artist Chris Rubino while he searched for a new direction in his work. In the process we see screenprinting, drawing, painting, wandering as well as a peak inside the workings of a studio and an artist’s process. The final 12 part film that is Love Kills Demons takes a look behind the proverbial curtain exposing some of the mystery of creation supported by the otherworldly sounds of Big Blood.

You can watch each of the films in full at

A limited edition box set including six prints by Chris and a DVD of the film is available on the site, but won’t be for long - get yours here.

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