Posted: 01.15.13/10:00

Bradonio: Zombie Nation

​Have you ever heard a beat so good, with bass so deep that if felt like it actually moved through you? Well, Bradonio seems to bring that life in his new music video for Zombie Nation. Here’s how it all came together: 

Scion A/V teams up with music artists on various projects, including music videos.. After seeing my RJD2 music video, and then subsequently other videos I’ve done, they approached me to start working with them. The first project we collaborated on was this Zombie Nation music video for the track “Level.” I listened to the song, thought a funky concept with this musical beer belly would do it justice, as well as give me something fun and quirky to create and play with. They liked the idea, and we went into production. 

I think the basis of the idea came from a want to actually see this happen in real life. I’d totally hang out with this dude, I’d go everywhere with him and his Disco Gang friends. 

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