Posted: 11.20.14/12:41

Bradonio: Violette Music Video

​Check out the latest video from director Bradonio for the upcoming release by Violette. It tells the classic love story: puppet meets puppet, puppets go to Paris, puppets get married. 

From Brad: When purchasing some of the props for the video, the owner of the liquor store I went to wasn’t too sure of me when I said, “Excuse me sir, I’d like a bottle of your finest, but absolutely smallest, bottle of champagne please!” We weren’t as lucky at the bakery or pizza parlor, so the props for those scenes were made from scratch. 

All of the puppet scenes were filmed with the characters held up in front of a TV, which was basically like the old school “rear projection” method. We’d go out and film a background (and a few times just purchased a stock photo), played it back on the TV, and then did our best to match the lighting as well as props like the tables to fit in with that background. It was a lot more fun than using a green screen because you see immediately if everything is coming together or not, and can also “react” more to the environment with the puppets since you see how it’s all going to come together in camera. 

Directed & Edited by Brad Hasse (aka Bradonio)

Single: “All My Life” 

Artist: Violette (

Album: “Falling Strong” (to be released December 9)

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