Posted: 04.30.14/8:42

Andy Rementer: Meet Me Later

This week, Andy Rementer will be presenting brand new painting and drawing work at his solo show, Meet Me Later. The opening reception is on May 1 from 6 - 9 PM at Mondo Cane in NYC, where the exhibition will run until May 17.

“Andy Rementer returns to Mondo Cane in NYC with his third solo show of new and previously un-shown paintings and drawings. The “Meet Me Later” series transports us to seemingly familiar street corners, interiors and subway platforms populated by characters caught in frozen moments of furtive activity. The work has a timeless quality which seems to draw from influences as diverse as Léger, The Italian Renaissance and even the narrative economy of Raymond Carver. Ambiguous narratives connect the work, while Rementer’s use of bold colour, street signage, and textile pattern create further layers and stories of their own.”

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