Posted: 03.14.14/11:04

ADC Young Guns 12 Jury Announcement

​We’re proud to announce the YG12 jury members! The YG12 committee has worked tirelessly to assemble a creatively diverse jury of past Young Guns winners that represent a wide variety of crafts in the industry. The entry deadline for YG12 is April 7. Click here to enter!

Alex Grigg - Animation

Andrew Zuckerman - Photography

Ashley Jones - Design

Buddy Bojorquez - Interactive

Crobin - Film

Dana Tanamachi - Type

Danilo Boer - Advertising

Dark Igloo - Design

David Kamp - Music & Sound

Deacon Webster - Advertising

Elina Asanti - Design

Frank Anelsmo - Design

Huma-Huma - Music & Sound

Ivan Cash - Interactive

James Wignall - Animation

Jamie Carreiro - Creative Technology

Joe Johnson - Music & Sound

John Fulbrook - Design

Jonathan Bartlett - Illustration

Jordan Bruner - Film

Juan Carlos Pagan - Design

Julia Neumann - Advertising

Julie Glassberg - Photography

Justin Gignac - Advertising

Kate Moross - Design

Kimberly Dulaney - Design

Kyle Bean - 3D Design

Lauren Indovina - Motion Design

Matt Smithson - Animation

Menno Kluin (Committee Chair) - Advertising

Michael Freimuth - Design

Mitch Paone - Motion Design

Nathaniel Lawlor - Advertising

Nessim Higson - Design

Nicole Jacek - Design

Pablo Medina - Design

Philipp Hubert - Design

Playlab, Inc. - Design

Qian Qian - Advertising

Romain Laurent - Photography

Sean Pecknold - Animation

Shane Griffin - Motion Design

Siggi Eggertsson - Graphic Design

Stephan Walter - Design, Type

Steve Peck - Advertising

Wilson Brown - Music & Sound


ADC Young Guns would like to thank Shutterstock, Squarespace and LL Reps for their ongoing support.  

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