Posted: 06.21.13/10:43

A message from the YG11 Chair

​As we enter the home stretch of the Young Guns 11 Call for Entries, our Committee Chair Rich Tu offers an inside look at Young Guns today and tomorrow. 

I used to be an illustrator.

Let me explain. I LOVE ILLUSTRATION. It is where I creatively draw my strength and the majority of my work derives from that skillset and my history within that world. However, creatively, I can not be solely that anymore. SometimesI have to be an illustrator, a designer, a photographer, a typographer, an editor, a producer, a psychiatrist, along with a slew of other titles in order to fulfill my current creative role. That’s where we are right now. The genetic makeup of the creative community has always been diverse, but the lines were drawn and we rarely went to the same parties. Now, we are not just partying together; we’re DJing it, designing the cocktail dresses, and plating the hors d’oeuvres in the back.

Young Guns is about creativity now, which means diversity. Each year, the only similarities are youth and brilliance. It has become a litmus test for the creative spirit and not simply a portfolio review for illustrators, designers and photographers. Entering Young Guns means you are engaging in a conversation, which now includes fashion, advertising, digital, film, architecture, sound, production and basically anything that can be created through human ingenuity. The differences in roles don’t mean so much anymore because quality shines through among a class of your peers. This is a call to all creatives under 30 to join the conversation, there’s room at the table.

~ Rich Tu

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